Foodie Exchange

May 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last month I took part in something called The Foodie Exchange, a fun and interactive initiative by the lovely Charis of Culinary Storm. The idea behind it was to pair up food bloggers from different parts of India, and each person would send their partner a foodie care package with interesting food and/or non-food items, preferably something local and different. When Charis asked me if I was interested in taking part, I immediately gave my consent! It was sure to be an exciting activity!

My foodie partner was Poorna, a foodie n cook from Calcutta, of the yummy blog Presented By P. I was instantly curious about what Bengali goodies I could expect and what North Indian yummies I should send her. I must say that she was super-quick and I received my package just a week or so after the foodie exchange began! I was rather tardy in comparison, and sent out my package just a few days before the deadline.

I was thrilled to receive such a generous and diverse foodie package from her. Filled with different spice mixes, chutney powder, local namkeen and biscuits, pasta, noodles and finally organic incense sticks to help me relax while cooking!

Out of all the lovely items I got, I was instantly curious about the Sukto mix, something I had never heard of before.  Supposed to cool the body down in the summers, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The other thing that I was thrilled to use in my cooking was the little pouch of Chinese fungus. It was indeed the icing on the cake for me!  Thank you Poorna for such a lovely package and my apologies for the delay in posting.