Luxe grocery store in Paris

June 21, 2009 in Good to know

For any food lover in Paris, a visit to ‘La Grande Epicerie’ of Le Bon Marche in the 7th arrondisement is a must! It’s a whole new culinary world out there…..everything that a gourmand can dream of! Being a high-end grocery store, the place looks very unlike a regular grocery store……yellow lights, no long aisles, very chic ambience. Of course, they stock food items from the four corners of the world , which is not so easy to find in regular stores in Paris. Many things exotic and organic…….like sundried aubergines and zuccini, macademia nuts, wine leaves etc. All this was quite predictable…….but then I came across ingredients that i had never even imagined! Things like truffle-vinegar, orange coffee, pasta in shape of sombreros, white chocolate with rose petals, mini versions of almost all veggies (not just your regular carrots and corn……they had mini cauliflowers, mini green & red peppers, teeny-weeny asparagus, and so on)! The world’s first fair-trade cola (called Cola Ubuntu) also finds shelf-space there. And then there was the sugar collection that blew me away……in all shapes and colors and flavors! I’ve never seen blue, green, yellow, orange…..sugar! Or sugar in the shape of butterflies and frogs…….or cubes of tri-colored sugar…….or even colorful sugar that came in tubes! You can even buy hibiscus and rose petals there….bound to make your cooking unique! It was all quite incredible! Of course, it goes without saying that all this incredulous stuff came at prices 3-5 times higher than regular! But it’s so worth it! For a lover of cooking…….it was paradise! Next time you find yourself in Paris, make it your first stop!

La Grande Epicerie

38 rue de Sèvres

75007 Paris

Mon-Sat from 08:30 to 21:00

01 44 39 81 00